Shanghai, 30th November 2017

Practical Guidance for the Digital Transformation Era

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What is IDI?

Our Intelligent Digital Innovation conference looks at the strategies to lead digital transformation, manage disruption and aligning with your customers’ changing digital expectations. Transformation offers opportunity - we live in a digital world, with the omnipresence of smartphones, IoT and Industry 4.0. The increase in customer touch points and interaction, provides a wealth of insightful data (Big Data) and new ways to engage your audience through an integrated social experience.

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Why Join Us?

Our digital transformation conference will explore the themes of AI, Big Data, Cyber Security, FinTech and Mobile Technology. Through expert speakers, case studies and practical advice, you will gain the knowledge to guide yourself on this digital journey. Learn how AI can form your online personality; programmatic buying can increase efficiency of your ad spend; behavioural analytics can offer fantastic returns; plus, how to manage and overcome the cultural shock and barriers you may experience on the way.

Who Should Attend?


Head/Director/VP of:
• Digital
• Marketing
• Marketing & Communications

Who Are We?

We are HJ InnoXcell, the joint venture between InnoXcell Ltd. and PrimeVest Group.

Since 2010, InnoXcell Ltd. has built its name in the legal, compliance and cyber risk events industry as well as a content marketing company, whilst PrimeVest Group has always been the market leader in professional exam prep courses and professional education in China. And effective from 1st January 2017 InnoXcell is to be named HJ InnoXcell Ltd. The financing from PrimeVest Group will be used to fund HJ InnoXcell’s continuous global expansion.

We operate in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China, South Korea and Malaysia.

InnoXcell strives to create innovative events such as the InnoXcell Annual Symposium and CIFI Security Summit worldwide. Currently, these events are organized in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

We constantly change our events format to ensure audiences are well-entertained and able to learn knowledge from different angles. Some of our past events include Counsel-to-Counsel Exchange, GRC Exchange, and Asia Legal Big Data.

For more details, please refer to our company website:

Advisory Committee

The IDI Advisory Committee provides strategic advice to HJ Innoxcell and the conference production committee on the range of activities undertaken. The role of the Advisory Committee is very important to us, providing invaluable feedback and guidance to the content of each event to meet the required standards and relevance. The Advisory Committee also contributes to keynote speeches, chairing sessions, facilitating panel discussions or conduct brainstorming workshops.

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